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Kintsugi Wrap Ni

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Introducing our Kintsugi Wrap —an embodiment of style and sophistication, a testament to a life lived and still flourishing. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these distinctive pieces redefine modern fashion with a nod to tradition.

The Kintsugi Wrap design offers a touch of mystique, while the cropped fit adds a contemporary flair, allowing you to showcase your individuality. Long adjustable ties elegantly wrap around the body, providing a customisable fit that accentuates your unique silhouette. Add a Snappy at the front to add interest and join, or use the long ties to tie together at the front or back. 

KINTSUGI, originating in the 15th century, tells a tale of transforming precious pottery fragments into new art by adorning them with gold.

In the same spirit, I find beauty in the fusion of diverse cultures, nationalities, generations, and artistic forms.

Each carefully chosen vintage kimono piece, uniquely hand-printed with Australian native flora, becomes a canvas for this collaboration. The remarkable artistry involves handcrafting using recycled and natural materials such as rust, plastic, and fibres, all upon natural fabric. 

- Each kimono is one of a kind
- Small signs of age may be present, and are considered a part of each item's unique patina.
- Made from vintage kimonos from Japan, please handle and wear with care.
Approx. Measurements:
Centre Front = 45cm
Centre Back = 44.5cm
Sleeve (base of collar to end of sleeve) = 53cm 
Tie Length = 1m
*Please Note: Slight stains and unknown fabrics, as they are vintage Japanese Kimonos. Do not wash kimono due to the unknown nature of the fabric content and hand-stitching. Colours may run and stitching may come undone. Dry clean only - recommend a dry clean specialist for any gold foiling and other delicate details.
Kintsugi Wrap Ni

Kintsugi Wrap Ni