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Luna Scarf Vanilla

One Size
An elegant, lightweight piece for easy trans-seasonal wear. The lightweight loose fabric is easy to style and layer, and the crushed effect of the fabric adds a touch of drama to a laid back outfit. The perfect wardrobe accessory, you will be grabbing for the Luna Scarf as we head towards the cooler days and nights.  Coordinate your look with the Luna Tuck Tunic and pair with tights for a casual lounge wear look. 

- Rayon/Linen/Cotton/Bamboo blend fabric 
- Tran seasonal 
- Lightweight
- Easy wear

*Approximate Measurements 

  ONE      SIZE
1 Scarf Length 305
2 Scarf Width 78

Please note: Fabric is a delicate weave and care must be taken when wearing jewelry. 
Crushed effect will change when washed, twist and dry to maintain crushed effect.

*Dispatch orders from 23.04.21

Luna Scarf Vanilla

Luna Scarf Vanilla