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Shoulder Bag Kinmokusei

One Size

Wrap yourself in the timeless charm of our Japanese Traditional Cotton Mini Shoulder Bag – a fusion of grace and functionality. Crafted with care, it features a brass handle and clasp, adding a touch of regality to your everyday carry.

The sturdy brass handle echoes the echoes of craftsmanship from eras past, while the clasp elegantly secures your belongings. Made from traditional cotton, this bag is not just an accessory but a simple yet poetic expression of beauty and practicality.

With its spacious interior and detachable strap, this bag effortlessly accommodates your phone and keys, making it your reliable companion for daily adventures. 


Measurements Approx. 

Height: 18cm

Width: 20cm

Depth: 11cm

Strap: 120cm

Materials: Outside Japanese cotton, inside lining poly

Shoulder Bag Kinmokusei

Shoulder Bag Kinmokusei