Collage of Memories
When they were little, my children used to be interested in everything that I used to do.
Cooking, cleaning, crafting or sewing, anything I did they used to follow me all day long. It often made achieving anything a slow process. I miss that time very much. 
These days my teens are not interested in anything that I do. 
I feel a bit empty sometimes. 
My eldest one is going to be 17 this year and she is slowly changing towards me, showing some vague interest in my projects. I wonder if my daughter will be interested in sewing with me this year? 
I have so many offcuts and thought this may be interesting project for us. 
This HAGIRE APRON DIY KIT may be a great idea to reuse our offcuts and yours. 
HAGIRE means 'off cuts' in Japanese. Any of our old clothes or your children's clothes that are no longer needed can be cut and added to this Apron kit. Chop and layer whatever you would like to. 
You could add a piece from your children's old T-shirt, complete with paint stains or a strip from their favourite blanket, faded and worn, yet so full of life.
All of those memories will come to mind and I quite like such sentimental moments. 

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