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Loyalty Points

dogstar now have an exciting new loyalty points program through SMILE.

You can accrue points with every purchase.

Points are used to pay for your purchases.

To access your points through this web site, simply click on the 'dogstar rewards'  icon that you can find on the bottom left hand side of the home page and others.

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 Unfortunately the system does not link points accrued in store with points accrued online. This is due to be remedied in the near future but for now, points earned online stay online and points earned in store stay on the in store system.

It is possible to combine the points and can be done easily in store. But if you wish to add points accrued from an in store purchase to your online points you will need to send an email to us to make that request.

We will endeavour to do that asap and can usually do so within 24 hours.