About 1800 years ago in Japan, there was a female queen named HIMIKO.

Her story is shrouded in mystery and controversy throughout the entire Asian region. Bound to 3 different families, her last name was Yamatototohimomosohime-no-Mikoto, and she was the first female queen who ruled Japan (having 1000 female servants and 1 male.)

HIMIKO was believed to be a shamaness queen who interacted with the spirit world through altered states of consciousness.


People used to strongly connect with their ancestors and wished for a better harvest for the year. They offered part of their harvest to the country at that time and farming was the most important aspect of their lives.

HIMIKO never married to a mortal as she was the wife of the god.


The community worshiped the land and respected HIMIKO as the wife of the harvest god who could communicate with gods who can protect the land and the people.

After 1800 years now, we are still connected with our ancestors and wish for the same happiness, safety and abundance.

As I read the story of HIMIKO I dream of the simple yet turbulent times of the YAYOI PERIOD.

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