Together in Bali
I don’t really have any memories of family holidays when I was a child. All of my family were working all the time so my sister and I used to play around the rice fields and bamboo forest near my home. Now I have my own family, I am more conscious about spending time together as a family. This year, we decided to spend time together in Bali. 

Although with my teen kids, they often go to their own room after a few days of spending together as a family.

Some elements of Bali reminds me of old Japan about 30-40 years ago. 
Maybe the rich green mountains and layers of forever rice fields? Things are quite slow here and people live a simple life.


I fell in love with people in Bali.
They are always smiling and so happy.

We see the beautiful offerings called Canang everywhere here in Bali.
The word means beautiful and it’s their family wish to live happily for the day.


Those unique and vibrant blend of Hindu-Buddhist traditions, local customs, and a rich artistic heritage that has been maintained for ages and kept as Balinese culture so special. 

I felt a strange sensation of time-travel to my old home town 30 years ago in Japan in the last few weeks with my family in Bali. It has been a very interesting experience.


During my trip to Bali, many of my old childhood memories came back to me.
When I see old people smiling to us, it reminded me of my neighbours, and old relatives talking to me.

I wonder if there are many sprits coming here for the end of year ceremonies?

The temperature is quite high here at the moment, and we don’t go out so much during day. I am enjoying praying now in my room remembering my old childhood time with my grand parents in the rice field.

The only issue now is getting to the airport due to road works. Yesterday, people were advised to walk to the airport as traffic had been delayed by 4 hours. Now I wish I packed some sneakers as I only have thongs. I better offering Canang today for not to have to walk to the airport with our suitcases…😅

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