The way of expressing my Japanese culture is to mix structure and softness in textures. I don't really think about it much but it must have always been in my subconscious.

In Japan, most girl's school uniform skirts were pleated when I was young.
I loathed the pleated skirt at that time and we thought it was cool to make the skirt longer. 
(I got in trouble by my teacher for doing it) 

Now I like pleated skirts.
The asymmetrical cut in my designs must be coming from Kimono layering. 
Even though the Kimono itself is symmetrical, the layering cloth often shows a slight unbalance in my eye.
It can be a little difficult to describe Japanese beauty.  
These days the term "Wabi Sabi" is becoming more understood and used in Western society. Unbalanced beauty is everywhere. I often see beauty in both structured and unstructured objects. 
Here is my 'unstructured' structure in my styling.
Can you see the Japanese elements in my design? 

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