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Forest Nymph

A forest nymph, entwined in layers of dusty smoke and fire emerges from the shadows, drifting into town - but she forgot her shoes. An ethereal fable in the afternoon hours of sun down.

Stitched by Hand

I remember my grandma used to make kimonos for my sister and I.
They were all made by hand.
She sits on tatami floor with a small shoulder bend and slowly slowly stitches the kimono materials together.
It looks like she was treating the kimono very carefully much like holding a child.
Each stitch was so perfectly sewn and I clearly remember the routine of her hand stitches. It took forever.

Those kimonos were made for special occasions.
All kimonos that my grandma made have been kept...

Summer Black

Summer Black

BLACK has many meanings. It is elegant, mysterious, futuristics and infinite. It is a protective colour in Japan.

Some say it is associated with death and aggression but I guess it is a cultural thing and changes depending on where you are and who you are with.
BLACK is often considered too warm a colour in summer, but I think it is a cool colour for any season and I wear it for any reason.
Do you wear black in Summer?

My Young Team Members!

My Young Team Members!

Recently we have invited some young team members into the dogstar fold!
As much as I love my current experienced team members I love these young ones too.

We made aprons, from Japanese vintage fabric, I have kept these fabrics for more than 10 years!!
Don't they look great on it?
These aprons are protecting their clothes from our cutting table.
They have so much passion and energy!
Some of their ideas may seem crazy but that makes dogstar exciting.
I love working with them...

Our Embroidered Signature Stamp

In Japan, we use a signature stamp/seal instead of writing our signature.
Signature stamp has been a part of Japanese culture for a long time.
It is actually coming from Westen culture instead of China.
There are so many different kinds of stamps for different purposes in Japan, we mainly use round stamps and square types.
Here at dogstar I have developed this...