I met Jeniffer from @byquilly through Instagram quite a while ago. 

We had many things in common and started to talk about our creations and old materials. 

Recently I purchased a hat from Jennifer and started to play with it. 

My BORO stitch cloth worked beautifully with this hat. 


I started to design my Autumn/Winter collection based on this hat.

It has a Japanese feel to it. I have been working on this BORO stitch for nearly 2 years now. 

Memory of my grandma. 

BORO indicates "POOR" in Japan. Old damaged clothes are patched and stitched back together. 

I hated to wear any BORO stitched clothes my grandma repaired when I was a kid. 

There are not many BORO things in Japan these days. People just replace it with something new. 


Based on this BORO hat, I am making a collection for this AUTUMN/WINTER. 

This is one of my pieces from this week. 


I often get excited with the way that ideas and creations can be mixed with others and my journey is always evolving and changing into something new. 

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