Located on Brisbane's south side, in the quiet suburb of Tennyson our thoughts and hands are mixed together. In the last 6 months, we have all been working really hard to complete our Autumn Winter 2023 collection.

In the last 25 years we have always had a unique mix of cultures. Maybe because I myself am Japanese, our team members have always been quite diverse.

Not only Japanese and Australian, we have Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Ukraine and African at the moment. So many languages and cultures are mixed at dogstar.

There are sometimes challenges, especially with language, but we have more fun and excitement at dogstar. Everyday is different.

I hope you can see our unique touch through our collection.
This week, we have just finished showing our collection in LA.

Proudly displaying the wonderful multi-culture of Australia to the far side of the world.

What are your cultural roots? Do they shine through at your work place?

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