I have known the bride for nearly 15 years.. maybe more..? I don't quite remember. 

It is so special for me to make a wedding dress for someone that I have known for such a long time. 

She lives in the UK now and the wedding ceremony will be held over there. All the bride's family and friends from Brisbane are unfortunately unable to attend due to global travel restrictions.


So, on the wedding dress completion day, I invited the bride's mother Sue (who lives in Brisbane) to see the dress before we send to the UK next Monday. 

The original idea was to take a few images of her mum and the dress, and then share them with the bride and her family. 


At my studio last Friday, we were a bit busy finishing up the dress before the bride's mum arrived. 

When Sue came upstairs to where my sample room is, she took careful steps, one by one, it was probably that she was going to see the bride in her mind. I could see her coming upstairs holding her emotions. 


As soon as she saw the dress, I became emotional.

I truly believe that she saw her daughter in the dress.

When I saw her face, It really reminded me of my mother. Most likely that is what my mum would have done in that situation. 


It took a while for her to come close to the dress, she was looking at it for a few moments. I invited her to see the dress closely. 

She slowly and carefully touched the dress, as though she was nervous about it, almost like holding a new born baby. 


I really wonder if all memories of her beautiful daughter's childhood, her teenage years with her sister and all of their family lives went through her mind at that time - just like in an old film. 


I really hope that we could capture the moments with her and the dress, we can send the photos to the bride with the dress on Monday, along with her mum's love.


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