Re-purposed Wedding Dress

I was asked to make a wedding dress for my customer a few months ago.
The main request from my customer was a wedding dress that is understated yet elegant. It was also important to her that the dress is able to be re-wearable again after the wedding day. I personally think it's a great idea.

We chose a linen ensemble for the wedding dress. The short bolero jacket which has a long draped tail is complimented with embroidery. We selected an antique white for the dress. I really love the idea of wearing the dress again and again for a long time, reminding the wearer of the very special day. I can even shorten the length or change the design if it is desired at a later stage.

I really enjoyed making this dress and wanted to share the ideas of a repurposed wedding dress. Congratulations Heather from myself and my team on your wedding. I hope that you will be reminded of that magical day each and every time you wear these pieces.

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  • Jenny On

    I have just read all of these beautiful reminisces and just love it all……Thankyou.

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