Things Handmade

This is a little sweet moment in the day of Paola Milani, one of my old friends and a beautiful artist based in Queensland.

I have known her longer than dogstar has been around. 

As soon as I stepped into her room, it was like being in another world, simple and quiet. 

Time was running differently from the outside world.


I fell in love with Paola’s simple and slow living, her thoughts of value in life and passion about connecting to the Australian nature inspire me.

There are Australian native dry flowers on her desk. Her colour pallet is filled with the colours of memories.

This time she was painting the petals with squeezed lemon juice. Her magic touch... 

She was slowly and carefully brushing along the strokes of the bush petals on the card.. almost remembering the time she spent with her beloved family and friends this year.


In our busy day we can forget the purpose of simple gifts and cards. We are often busy with computers and mobile phone, but the convenience of these devices can’t possibly replace hand made things.

The slow process of making something by hand makes us think of the individual person and wish them love.

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