Walking Through Time

When Jakki and Russell came to our South Brisbane studio yesterday afternoon, 
it was so natural for us to start a conversation about fashion. 

I saw that they were both wearing Trippen shoes.

We started to try on a few of our recent dogstar pieces, it was so easy for Jakki to style herself. She knew exactly how she liked to wear them layering with her old dogstar pieces. 

Russell was also wearing beautiful Trippen shoes. They already had their own styles. Both of them. dogstar has known Jakki and Russell for more than 20 years. It was so beautiful to watch how Jakki and Russell create conversation. Russell is just quietly listening to what Jakki says and nodding when she laughs. 


As we started taking images on them, it was quite natural. The distance between them was not too close nor too far from each other, they knew where their comfort zone was. I started to wonder how they met, what kind of lifestyles they have. What are their weekends like?

I was talking to Jakki about my favourite Trippen shoes that I have worn for 10 or more years. When they are worn out I take them to my favorite shoe repairer to get fixed, then keep wearing them again and again. The colour and the softness and the shapes of the shoes just gets better and better as they age. 


I was wondering if their relationship is similar to a good pair shoes. 
Always getting better with time. Soft yet secure, familiar, comfortable and supportive.

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