Weaving Stories Across Generations

Over the last 25 years we have met many customers, and many of them are still my important customers. They are unique, artistic and individual women who know about themselves. 

Interesting thing is that they have been bringing their children, friends, and/or partners to our boutiques and we have now connected with our customers' families. Those families are now telling us their stories with dogstar. 

I love those stories that they tell us. 

Many of those old dogstar clothes have been passed to the next generation or to their friends and still in great condition.
All of us have changed our lifestyles and also our body shapes over the 20+ years. So we often upcycle and mend those clothes to suit their current needs. 

So our production team at South Brisbane have been working on improving our patterns and designs to suit our customers and their extended family

I believe dogstar suits a wide variety of demographics and age groups and sex. 
If you ever see me or our team members tell us your story with dogstar. Our possibilities are unlimited. 

We are no longer just a label for women of a certain age, we are branching out to the younger generation - no matter what their age or gender.

Here in the picture is my high school son in dogstar clothes. After so many years, my children are finally starting to show interest in dogstar!

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