Autumn. I put on a light weight long sleeve top this morning.
Every year I choose less and less thick jumpers and coats in the Winter season. These days I feel more heat as I am aging.
So I choose thinner pieces and layer them for my day wear. This way I can add/remove layers and adjust my body temperature.
What do you think of the Starfinder collection for this Autumn/Winter?

With the combination of this Starfinder crop top, and the wrap as well as the long asymmetrical cardi, we can create many different unique styles.
It's cotton based light weight knit with different colours.
I personally like to wear those pieces on top of a dress, tunic or simple casual jeans.


I added a Hiroko knit high neck top underneath.
What colour is in your mind in this coming Autumn/Winter?
Please share with us how you would like to layer for this season?


Perhaps don't style with a pencil in your hair like I accidentally did.

Photography by @riverimages

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