Weekend Painting

This weekend, both of my children are out with their friends and I had time on my own. This is quite unusual for me as I am normally very busy with one of my children on the weekend. When there is spare time, someone like me has a strange feeling. Why do I feel guilty about this? 

I assume this kind of spare time will be appearing more and more as our children grow up. With having spare time, I should not feel guilty and should be excited about spending time for myself. So I thought I will do some painting this weekend.

It was my high school time when I last painted. I am totally a beginner.
I went to @eckersleys and purchased a few acrylic paints, canvases and other materials that are needed. By the way, people working there are so kind and helpful.

I always thought painting is something I would enjoy and will be easy to achieve.
I myself am quite a creative person and will naturally get into it.


Before starting I had a vision of what I wanted to paint. I wanted to create some textile designs for a scarf to go with my structured design. (Monshiro Jacket)
So perhaps something abstract with a bit of colour?
As soon as I saw the blank canvas, I started to feel a little unsure about where to start.


As I began to paint I started to get more confused and changed my mind about what I wanted to achieve. I have no idea what I am doing. I now have to walk away and hope to have a fresh mind later. It is, however, very relaxing and fun.

I know many of you are amazing artists. How do you start your creation in painting? Do you change your mind many times like me? I am a bit stuck at the moment... Is it only me that can see a little unicorn in my painting? Not sure how he arrived in my painting but he needs to go... that's all I know for now.

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