We have been asked for many years to create a UNISEX or/and MEN'S COLLECTION. My team and I have been working on a small UNISEX COLLECTION for a while. 
This is a little sneak peak of our styling that we did yesterday.
My 16 year old son attempted to be a model for this photoshoot.
Hmm.. he looks a little awkward but at least we can see what the range will look like.
He didn't have any suitable shoes so we tried to make his socks look like Japanese tabi. This is our last week of preparation for our Autumn / Winter collection. Would you wear print on print? Please let me know what you would like to see in my UNISEX collection. You never know, you may see my son wearing your requested designs in the next shoot.
But first he might have to work on improving his 'Blue Steel' face.
Beautiful Suzuri artwork by @sabine_von_graz
Thank you @jennaalycecox for your great modelling coaching on him yesterday 
Beautiful Akubra hat supplied by @brisbanehatters

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