My Daughter's Artistic Journey
My 18 year old daughter graduated high school last year.
She is taking a 6 month gap year at the moment and is due to go to university to study Industrial Design at QUT.
It sounded all good and my daughter has been chilling at home every day and having a good time.
No rush to go to school any more .. No need for her to iron her school uniform nor making her lunch..(Although most of the time I used to make her lunch..)
Sleeping until lunch time. So I don't necessarily see her during the weekdays.
Are your teen children the same? I want to know if your children sleep until lunch time..?

She then wakes up and start to draw. She picks some objects and idea and spend hours just drawing .. all day.
My daughter really has good patience .. or determination..?
Not sure what it is. But I hope it's one of her strengths.
Her drawing skills has definitely improved over the years.
Now recently she is saying that she wants to study as a tattooist.

Okay.... but not quite okay by me.
I love tattoo. It's a beautiful type of art.

But in my mind, there is a something that I can't say YES from my heart.
My grand father used to have serious tattoos on his back.
None of my family ever talked about it and there was always an implied understanding in my family not to talk about it.
These days tattoo are seen as more casual. but in my country town, it's a still big cultural matter. All my family in Japan will be shocked to hear that my daughter wants to be tattooist.

As much as I want her to be free and enjoy her life, I could see myself holding some emotion deep in my mind.
I said to her ..
"You won't be able to go to public hot spring in Japan if you have tattoo.."
What a nonsense comment, even though it is true... But I didn't know what else I could say to her.

One more month till her university commencing day, I can imagine my worries are going to continue for a while as my children grow.

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