Gathered tulle skirt

This gathered tulle skirt I created is slightly more feminine with carefully constructed layers to add drama. Historically tulle posses connections of purity, femininity & discipline. Wearing a tulle skirt with a tough boot or our structured Giza Giza top [translates to zig zag] juxtaposes it’s original values whilst embracing power and individuality without sacrifice of femininity.

What do you wear and or contrast your tulle skirts with?

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  • Fiona Burt On

    I saw your advertisement on seek for an online order processer / stock control.
    I have been looking for another job I am a Remedial Massage Practitioner of 20 years and it can be extremely physical. Emotionally and mentally.

    The main reason why I am writing is I absolutely love your story! Your up bringing, I can feel you hold such dear memories, history and traditions I was close to your heart. I am taken in by your life’s journey. Your grandma woaw, I could also feel the sadness too of the loss of traditions with the way the World has changed today.

    You are amazing!! I know nothing about fashion, I am a plain jane though happy in my own skin however I can clearly see just how much love time and quality is sown into your garments. Your story has been a great pleasure to read.

    Thank you so much for sharing I am so glad I came across your story. Many blessings. Kind regards.

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