I am currently in Japan travelling with my two children.
I wanted to travel a little bit in this trip as my daughter just finished her high school and wanted to have a good experiences and our memories together.


Arriving in Osaka, we have stayed few days here. It’s a big city and my children were so excited with everything they saw. We then moved to a place called Okayama located south of Osaka. I never been in this town. My old school friend and her family live in this town.


I was originally planning to stay at my friend’s place for one night. But we ended up staying more days. we had so many things to talk about our memories and the future. Looking around in Okayama and the surrounding areas and islands. I really fell in love with this places. I love travelling without fixed plans.
How about you?


There are so many arts this area that I was amazed and beautiful histories.
Spontaneous travelling could end up some unexpected surprises which can be good and bad. Some art galleries were closed due to the end of year.
But it’s ok. There are reason to come back this town again.
We had an amazing time together here.


Now I am slowly heading to my hometown Fukui tomorrow. Somehow I am feeling a little hesitating to go back to my hometown. Somewhere in my mind, I have a little fear and sadness to go back to my home. Everyone when I go home, my grandma was so excited to welcome me back. After COVID, I am now going home. The home where my grandma is no longer there. I don’t know what to say or how to start conversation with my mum.


Slowly slowly heading to my home town. As I see the view of Japan sea side, my old memories will be coming back to my mind. Half of my mind is excited to spend time with my children in my country, and at the same time I have a mixed emotion and that I can’t ignore.


Here in Okayama is sunny day today. After a long time in train, we will go through several mountains. Then once going through the final tunnel we will be expecting to see the white snow world. My home town, Fukui.
We better purchase gumboots tomorrow before we arrive the snow country.

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