Lego was his favourite thing for many many years.
During this latest lockdown in Brisbane, we had another clean up at my home. 
It felt like our place is growing and accumulating too many things over time. 
We have two teenagers in my family, my son wanted more space in his room. 
Our son just turned 15 and has started to be more conscious about his look more than anything.
He started to spend more time in front of the mirror trying to get his curtain fringe perfect. 
He added new T-shirts and pants that he bought from op shops and quietly stole from his sister's wardrobe and placed into his own draws. (As his sister's room is so messy, she doesn't even notice her belongings are missing) 
All stuffed toys are going to be in the give away box. Many toys and books are so quickly gone into the box. 
Then I noticed that there was a box of his favorite items left outside of his room ... Lego. 
Lego was his favourite thing for many many years. My son spent so many hours building with lego. Especially star wars lego. 
My son doesn't want to keep them any more. The whole ten years of memories are now left outside his room. 
Is that it? I am surprised that he has moved on his favorite lego collections so quickly. 
We asked him to deconstruct them one by one. So that we can pass the legos to someone who loves to rebuild it. 
We will wash them all and clean for the next person. My son really didn't want to do it initially and had a bad attitude. 
But then, he started to look at them and picked his favourite piece. He looked at it for a while. I believe all his memories have slowly come back to him.  He started to take each lego piece off one by one, and started to tell us his story. It must be so clear that he remembered each lego that he created. 
He remembers when he got the lego, where he was, where he made mistakes when building it. 
It's more his dad and our son's memories. They spent so many hours and days talking about those memories just like unwinding old films. 
It became a sentimental day for all of us. It feels like we are all ready to go to the next phrase. Somewhere in my mind, I feel I want to hold on to it as I am not quite ready to let go.

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