After the big storms at the beginning of summer, I still remember the excitement of waiting for the summer festival in Japan called Natsu Matsuri.
It is a colourful festival culture displayed in many villages in Japan.. 
The Mikuni Matsuri in my hometown near the beach has a massive fireworks display every year and it's quite famous. 
My Grandma and our neighbours would get ready by preparing the traditional festival food for the gathering. 

My sister and I got so excited weeks before, waiting for the day to come. 
On the festival day, We go there early to get the best space near the shore and wait until dusk arrives.
It takes a few hours to walk to the beach and we used to love the journey. 

Gradually more and more people come to fill the beach and by 5 O'clock, the whole Mikuni beach is filled with people. 
My Grandma would give us $10 each for the day and we were always very careful choosing what to spend our money on.
When the fireworks start around 6:00 at night, the vibration through the ocean gets to our body. We know that is the starting time. 
Three Seconds later, we see the biggest fireworks in the dark sky with a huge noise. 
The fireworks fill the entire sky and all of us become silent.  The most beautiful fireworks in the world!
Then another one comes out. We kept looking in the sky and couldn't stop to close our eyes out of fear we would miss some of them. 
By then the Ramune drink bottle (lemonade drink with the little marble inside the lid) that we bought was empty. I tilt the glass bottle to try to drink the last drop.
I still remember those vivid colours of fireworks reflecting through the Ramune glass bottle.
After the fireworks we all go to small stores and buy candies. 
Every summer after the storm the colourful memory of Matsuri comes to my mind.
One of my favorite memories with my sister.
I wonder if my sister has the same colour memory that I have. 

Fireworks Photos by @kanazawanoji

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