During my trip in Kyoto, we visited FUSHIMI Inari shrine.

More than 2000 years ago, wolves were known as messengers to the god of harvest. Farmers used to worship those wolves that lived in the mountains and the villages. About 1300 years ago when harvest time was established those wolves were pushed away to the deep mountains and foxes started to appear instead.


I did not know what to expect from this experience.

It was my first experience and as soon as we stepped into the mountain the temperature dropped immediately. We were surrounded by mountain forest.


We then slowly went through those red gates - TORII.
There are thousands of those red gates, the sacred gates to the way to connect to the mountain gods. It took us to the completely different space and it was beautiful but mysterious.


Foxes were known as messenger to the mountain gods and have been living in the mountain for a long time.

When we were going up the stone steps, so many things went through my mind. All things I did last year and things I couldn’t do... about family, friends in Australia and Japan.



It took almost 1.5 hours to the top.
More than 14000 steps to go through.
As much as it was an effort, I couldn’t stop half way.

It was important to GO THROUGH those gates.


Every time when I walk to the end, it felt like someone was watching us from the forest between the red gates.

I wonder if those foxes were watching us ..
We were all powered by them for sure.

Power of nature. ..

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