Retro Japanese Fabric Aprons
I have kept these beautiful Japanese retro fabrics for many years and they have been one of my favourite collections.
I’ve always wanted to make an apron for my team members and never really had a chance to do it.
For the end of year gifts, I decided to make aprons for them.
They have many pockets to keep pencils, measuring tape, snip scissors, and a few other things... the perfect utility apron.
In our busy everyday work, it's easy to lose those things all the time and our clothes were often damaged by rubbing on the edge of our rough cutting table.
Those retro images are logos of four different long established Japanese companies which have been operating for more than 100 years. Their logos indicate strength and unity. They are a soy sauce company, roofing company, sake wine company, and a textile dyeing company. I love their beautiful logos!
Once we made those aprons my team looks more together and united and so cool. Do you agree?
One day we will make our own logo for our own apron!

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