Each little shibori shapes on this neck piece are made by hand.
It takes a long time to tie the fabric individually with thread.
There are many different sizes and shapes of shibori.
It didn’t look so special when I was a child because we see this everywhere. It is used in futon blankets, or Japanese cushions and many things in our life.
It does look special now, especially when I first saw this piece.
It may look like a sea urchin, or coral..
We call this technique Bai Shibori.
Bai is a type of shellfish and this shibori is so named because it's form looks like a shellfish.
There are two different methods to make Bai Shibori: One is with an Ito-ire process (sewing) before binding with thread and the other is without Ito-ire.
I love these dynamic 3D organic shapes.
It’s Japanese traditional technique meets Sci-fi feel.

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