I have been collecting kimonos and Japanese antiques for many years. 
When I feel those old pieces of Japan, it takes me to the old days before I was born, yet I feel like I was there in the past at some time. Less and less people wear kimonos in Japan these days. It is not easy to wear a kimono nor easy to move in. 
Each panel is carefully hand stitched to create kimonos. 
It shows the slow living of the old days.
Everyday bathing was for rich people. Most people used to bathe once a week.
Before dry cleaning was introduced, kimonos were unstitched and all pieces were then hand washed carefully using a long pole. Then those kimonos were restitched at the end of season. Can you imagine unstitching all pieces of a kimono and restitching it again every year?  
People who are not good at cleaning used to barter with their neighbors and/or friends with food. Recently I made Shinobi wraps from vintage summer kimonos. It's like a short jacket that can be worn on top of dresses and skirts. 
Summer kimonos are made from one layer instead of having an extra lining inside. It's a see through texture and sometimes it's woven with different colours inside.
Most summer kimonos are black. When it's worn in reverse, each seam becomes a unique accent. The kimono sleeve creates a beautiful shape and balances the jacket. Would you wear a kimono jacket called SHINOBI WRAP? 
I love the way we add our own story to each piece and it becomes our history of Australia. 
My way of KIN-TSUGI philosophy. 

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