My team and I have been very busy working on our SS collection at the studio.
This season I will be featuring 3 mini collections, the first collection is all about BORO and HAGIRE works. BORO is a traditional Japanese hand stitching technique whilst HAGIRE means off cuts.

Combined with a little more structured silhouette this coming season, we have created quite a unique collection which I am delighted to share with you.
This is just a small peak into what we have been working on in the last few months.

Please let me know what kind of designs you would like to see from us at dogstar!

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  • Therese On

    I adore this skirt – you make so many beautiful items, I’ve just found you but am looking forward to your summer collection. I’m a size 18 and am so grateful that you include this size. There are not enough styles that suit us – I’m also menopausal and love the way you use so many natural fibres…it’s unbelieveable to me that in Australia we have so many artificial clothes.
    I think you could have an entire new market in the larger sizes if you could show us how you would style on a larger person – maybe someone who’s pear shaped but also, not just with big boobs which is often the way. I think that would work so well on instagram and FB. I personally think there’s some kind of mini poncho for summer that covers the top of the arms when wearing shoe string/non cap sleeves, just waiting to be made for the mid age market. Can you tell I’m a marketing person ;) Anyway congratulations on your beautiful work. I look forward to seeing what summer dresses you have in store for us.

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