Spring's Woven Echoes: Threads of My Hometown

My hometown was and still is surrounded by rice fields that seem to go on forever. When spring comes, all of a sudden our neighbours and workmen from our village gather together and start working in the field. 


They wear their own Rice Field uniforms and wrap with old aprons. 
All different types of check and stripes were mixed together and the crosshatch collection of fields became very lively. 
As soon as I see stripes and check it reminds me of my hometown. My sister and I used to watch and enjoy the smell of fresh and burned grass.


When summer comes the rice field becomes greener. The women wear deep triangle straw hats to avoid the sun. The colourful materials worn to cover their faces and necks looked beautiful in the greenfield.           
I remember those mixed patterns looked very interesting. Japanese workman uniforms are quite conservative but I liked their indigo colours and the range of muted sun bleached tones. Many of them lined up together in the fields to plant rice, they looked beautiful in my eyes. 


For this coming collection, I am deeply inspired by these Japanese workmen clothes.
Here is the first styling of the striped linen Kosa Jacket and Wide Pants

How would you wear STRIPE? 

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