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I am sure many of you may have experienced something similar to my story?
My son recently started to play guitar. He is into music (at the moment) and most of the time he wears his earphones wherever he goes and especially in the car when I try to talk to him..

Teens influence each other with their music choices and no doubt my son's music tastes have been changing constantly. I much prefer him playing music instead of playing computer games. 

He is recently playing some retro music from the 70's and 80's. I can even sing along with him. That's often have a happy time together singing songs that we both know. 


My son is practicing 'Blackbird' from the Beatles at the moment. 
During these school holidays, he didn't play computer games so much, instead he was practicing guitar in his room most of the time until late at night. 
He plays the same phrase over and over for ever...

It's about 20 or 30 seconds long and it goes over and over for all day and night.
it doesn't seem to go any further than that. Just only the one phrase.
I often think it's good enough and I want him to move onto the next phrase. 
I nearly screamed at him to stop practicing the same thing. But I tried to be patient not to tell him.

After a few weeks of his constant practice, I think his guitar skills have improved a lot. I didn't know that he was that enthusiastic and patient on something he loves, other than gaming.


Being parents, we sometimes need to be patient as well don't we? 
I don't tell my son, but I go a bit crazy with the song. I hope he moves onto the next phrase soon. 
Even when he is not practicing I still can't get rid of the song looping in my mind all day..!

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