The way we used to listen to music.
I sometimes miss the way we used to listen to music when we were young. When I was a student all my money was spent on hiring albums or cassette tapes. Pretty much every weekend I would hire albums and cassette tapes and buy many blank tapes.
I had to tell my sister not to come into my room while I was recording albums.. Normally there was outside noises included....
I don't know how you used to record music to cassette tapes?
I had to be quiet, in fact everything and everyone in the surrounding area needs to be quiet. Pressing 2 buttons of the cassette tape recorder at the same time was a challenge. I had to stop breathing and carefully press the 2 buttons.
I listened to the music so many times so I even remember the excess noise of the surroundings as a part of the music. When the last music stops, I remember how it stops and swapped over to the B side.
It was so much effort to create mix tapes. But I loved it so much. Many of them were English songs.
I miss those old times where we used to lose ourselves in the music.
Playing them over and over till the tape stretched. I still have those old cassette tapes that I brought to Australia 25 years ago. They have been kept in a box.
I wonder if I listen to them sometimes again I will hear my sister in the back ground running up the stairs or my mother calling me down for dinner.

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