To whom I never met before

I recently purchased those beautiful old Japanese threads in a box from Facebook marketplace. It was an impulse purchase and it reminded me of my mum who used to make kimonos when she was young in Kyoto. Those old Japanese pins in a tin box took me to my home in Japan, my mum used to use them all the time. All kimonos are made by hand gently. When I received the thread box, I met a young lady who reminded me of my daughter. Maybe mid 30's? She told me a story about why she is selling those Japanese threads, and about her Japanese mum who used to make kimonos when she was young in Japan. 

The story of her mum was so fascinating, and I wanted to know more about her mum. Her mum met an Australian man and fell in love. She showed me a beautiful photo of her mum. The old sepia coloured photo indicated the duration of past time.They have been living in Australia and have a beautiful daughter. A few years ago she lost her husband and now no longer makes kimonos.

She now lives by herself in aged care. The whole story made me feel a little sad. I wish I could talk to her face to face if I could. Especially when we get older and when my children become independent I wonder how I will feel one day. The cultures, the languages and our dialect, the home cooked food, the smell of winter air coming through between the wooden door and fire in the hearth cooking mountain vegetables.

All I could do was write a handwritten letter to this lady that I had never met before. I packed Japanese food with the little letter, I hope she could enjoy the little moment of Japan.

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