Wisteria of Reconnection

It’s the third anniversary since my Grandma passed away 2 years ago.
In Buddhism, the year when someone passes away is counted as 1 year.

September also has equinoctial week (Ohegan - when we welcome our ancestors to come back to our would and celebrate together).
We believe that around 20th September, our world and their world are the closest in distance. We reconnect.

We normally put a lantern in front of our house to make sure that their spirits come back to us safely.

I just found that my wisteria was blossoming this morning. I remember full blossom wisteria were everywhere in my hometown at the beginning of spring.

When I was little, my Grandma used to take my sister and I for a walk to enjoy watching the wisteria garden near our home.

I know she will come and see me even here in Australia because of this wisteria in front of my garden. Only she and I know about this.


My work has been so busy lately and I haven’t spoken to any of my family in Japan. I feel so far away from all of them. My mind is a bit scattered also and I feel I am losing focus lately.

I was rushing to take my son to his soccer game and saw my wisteria was blossoming in my front garden this morning, it made me slow down and think about reconnection.

I better call my mum tonight and say hello.
I feel a little awkward because I haven’t made the effort to call her and ask how she has been.

In your country do you celebrate your ancestors? How do you reconnect to them?

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