I’ve created a connection with Sabine Von Graz @sabine_von_graz and her beautiful family through the realm of art. Born in Austria, Sabine crafts one-of-a-kind, vibrant, fairy-like creations, and her intricate artworks truly catch people’s eye.

Upon visiting Sabine’s home, I found myself unable to tear my gaze away from the enchanting creations of both her and her husband. Every corner of their house seemed to emerge from a wonderland. Using recycled materials, Sabine and her husband, Richard, fashioned their creations from scratch. The room of their lovely daughter, Ginger, resembled a space straight out of Alice in Wonderland!

Engaging Sabine in the creation of a Japanese-themed artwork, specifically a Chrysanthemum print, proved to be an intriguing experience. Japanese beauty may be seen differently by other people in different cultures and backgrounds. I was curious to see how Sabine would capture it in her rendition of traditional Japanese arts.

Connection to me is so important. We connect with each other, exchange our knowledge, experiences and thoughts and recreate something new.

Her version of the chrysanthemum is bold yet soft. The way the colours of the flower print plays with the background pallet of the linen fabric is such a delight.

The Kiku collection looks better than we ever imagined.

“Sabine’s work is constantly evolving and currently heading into a new surreal direction.

Her work focuses on the remarkable space between childhood and later life, as explored by the stories of shared cultures and tales from around the world.”

“Studio Alice: This boutique studio/artists residence is a wonderland in itself, where the surreal meets the real, from mosaic walls to a painted staircase, all created by the artist, Sabine Von Graz.”

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