Water Crystal
Some of you may remember this image from our “WATER CRYSTAL” collection from SS09.

My old friend, @paola_milani_art created this beautiful artwork in 2009. From the entire dogstar collections over the last 26 years, this design has been one of the most asked for. Paola has been one of my old friends since I came to Brisbane a long time ago. We used to have so much fun with her friends going out, listening to music in the Valley before we had our children.

You may be familiar with Paola’s artwork from Brisbane based aromatherapy brand @perfectpotion Many of their artworks are also created by her. You may have recognised our Eros scent in our boutiques from @perfectpotion

Paola and I have been talking about recreating something similar to this “WATER CRYSTAL” art work but slightly different.

Most of us have changed our body shapes and our lifestyles, our tastes, our fashion styles and the colours that we wear as we get older. I often talk to my customers and they tell me how lately they changed the colours of clothes that they wear.
As the colour of our hair has been changing, how many of you have decided to go for a natural colour?

I hear more and more women in our age dye their hair less often. They go natural and it’s quite beautiful, so they started to wear less black in recent days.
How about you?

The story of the “WATER CRYSTAL” collection was based on a study by a Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto who claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. One of his books published in 2004 called “Hidden Messages in Water” shows how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can possibly impact the earth as well as our personal health.

Even though our bodies have changed over time, the importance of love and our thoughts to our families, friends and people who we connect to are the same regardless of time. Either past, present and hopefully in the future.

Tune in to see Paola’s artwork development and our new collection.
If you have any suggestions of summer styles and colours that you would like to wear for the new coming summer please let us know!

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