dogstar x QYO x Delvene Cockatoo-Collins Collaboration

Earlier in the year I was approached for the opportunity to design the uniforms for the Queensland Youth Orchestra, based in Brisbane for their Europe tour.

The QYO team wanted to incorporate and celebrate the indigenous heritage of this land through the uniform whilst performing internationally. I knew the perfect artist for the collaboration. Delvene Cockatoo-Collins. 

I contacted Delvene immediately with excitement. I knew she would create beautiful artwork for the uniform. 

She presented me with her artwork titled ‘from Pulan to Mulgumpin’ meaning from Amity to Moreton. "Once so close our people could communicate with each other. "

"'Pulan to Mulgumpin' represents the view (travel) from Amity on Stradbroke island to Moreton island. You can see the two landforms and the water in between." I wanted those beautiful Australian animals to be in the front panel. It was a little challenging for us and our team to make sure all animals are positioned correctly in all sizes. I also needed to take into account the way the performers would move during their performances.


I visited the old museum last Saturday and watched their rehearsal before they performed at QPAC. When I saw them together in the uniform, it made me emotional. 


As I watched the orchestra perform in their new uniforms, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of pride and gratitude. Our collaboration with Delvene had not only created a beautiful visual on stage, but it had also woven the rich tapestry of Indigenous heritage into every movement. 


Seeing these talented young musicians on the stage, showcasing their passion and talent while honouring the land they called home, I realized that art and culture could bridge the gaps between us and make the world a more harmonious place. 

My hope is for these young artists to truly shine as they face the future.

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