KIN TSUGI - Bridging Generations and Traditions
In the rich tapestry of cultural exchange and design, the fusion of Japanese and Indigenous traditions emerges as a vibrant celebration. It's a harmonious blending that bridges generations, breathing new life into age-old practices.
Through shared artistry and thoughtful design, these cultures come together, not as a clash, but as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and the enduring legacy of traditions.
It's a testament to the power of collaboration to weave a vibrant tapestry where the threads of heritage and innovation intertwine, leaving a colourful legacy for generations to come.

This is my version of KIN TSUGI creation.
KIN TSUGI, originating in the 15th century, tells a tale of transforming precious pottery fragments into new art by adorning them with gold.

In the same spirit, I find beauty in the fusion of diverse cultures, nationalities, generations, and artistic forms.

Each carefully chosen vintage kimono piece, uniquely hand-printed with Australian native flora.

Here, you see Charlie and my son wearing beautiful overdyed vintage kimonos. It's not the traditional path, but a fresh fusion of creativity.

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