Vintage Stories Unfold
Here is a photo of our small family at dogstar, taken at our South Brisbane studio. Our retail members are not in this image today. 
Each of us come from different countries and create something unique every day. Looking at our image here, I just started to smile.  Each of us have strengths and weaknesses but when we are together our creation is big and different. 
These one off vintage kimonos were uniquely hand printed in Arnhem Land.
Blending new and old cultures with old histories to create something uniquely new with our hands and then pass them to you to add another unique element by you is what we do. 
Ola arrived in Australia from Ukraine one year ago. She never had experience in the fashion industry experience before. She is now working with us and in charge of our online store. Her English is not quite perfect but we found a way to communicate with her using google translate with big hand gestures. 
I found nothing impossible here.
My philosophy at dogstar is to offer you more than what you expect. It's Japanese customer service. After 25 years since I started dogstar, we are still here working to find the best customer services for you. 

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