Many businesses experience challenges similar to us at dogstar, we have had several big changes since Covid.
There were so many adjustments for our business to go through during that period.
We closed our boutique in Melbourne and opened a pop up store in the Indooroopilly Shopping centre.

It was supposed to be a temporary space but we met so many new customers in the Indooroopilly boutique and we ended up staying there for three years. But it is time to move again.

Many of our customers live in Westend and suggested we open a store there, it looks like there are great opportunities for us to explore on that side of town..
So stay tuned, it looks like there are more changes for us this year.

In Buddhism, when things happen, there is always a hidden reason behind those events.
As for losing our current Indooroopilly store, I wonder what else is possible, what new direction is coming up for dogstar.

Here I can imagine something exciting happening that we haven't seen yet.
Yesterday we were offered another space in the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.
So we will be there for a little longer in a new location as of next week.

Come and visit us at our new Indooroopilly boutique. We will be setting up for the new store tomorrow (Monday 17th July).
Hopefully from this Tuesday we will be at our new place (in front of Myer) and it will be the beginning of our new chapter.

This year, it seems there are more changes and adjustments for us. But I am sure we will go through it and have more stories to tell.

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