Monono Aware - Sense of Impermanence

A flowing river continues changing it's shape and speed, it will never go back to the way it was.
Everything on this earth is the same as a river.
Reminding us that the only thing in the universe that will never change, is the fact that everything changes.


Sense of Impermanence

Through Tiel's creations, I experienced the memories of my childhood, the views of the rice fields that I grew up with. The bamboo bush behind my old house that I thought would never change.
It was not an exciting view at that time.
But now that I get older, that view stays in my heart forever.
All those memories and sentimental beauty.
Art has the power to move people, reminding them of a place they once were or somewhere they long to be.

I felt so fortunate to be able to work with Tiel on a series of pieces for this summer. 
Throughout the collaboration with @Tiel_Seivl_Keevers I learnt a lot about the importance and appreciation of every moment of our lives. Regardless of happiness and sadness, it’s beautiful because of the impermanence. 
See Tiel's work:

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