Naima, my 18 year old daughter just graduated high school.
There are so many memories and emotions from the last 18 years, yet it feels like I am watching a movie in fast forward.

As soon as my daughter's name was called out and she walked to the front stage of the ceremony, my tears came out immediately. All the memories of 18 years of our life coming through my mind, just like old film.

I have been having strange mixed emotions about Naima and this graduation day. As much as I am so happy to see her beautiful growth, somewhere in my mind, I am having a struggle about letting her go.
I have a sad feeling about it, I can't share this feeling with anyone.

One day, my grandma told me that she regretted letting me come to Australia.
As much as she was happy with me exploring the world she was so sad not to be able to see me as often as she wanted.
I rarely went back to my small hometown.

She passed away last year and I couldn't see her.

Now I am having the same emotions towards my daughter.


We experience many different emotions in our life and we can't avoid them.
Sometimes I wish we could.
But in the end, I am grateful to have experienced such a wonderful chapter of our life together.
Naima and I.

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