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Textured Recycled Earrings Br

One Size

Hand-made in Brisbane, Australia. 

jen eales.maker is a contemporary jewellery and small object line handcrafted by Brisbane metal smith Jen Eales.

"The collection is an exploration into the endless combinations of colour, texture and

shape. I find true beauty in the imperfect and each piece from my collection challenges the traditional idea that jewellery must be perfect. The aesthetic of my collection, in line with my artistic ethos, is experimental which allows the collection to grow and change in order to work with available materials. The aluminium is recycled and repurposed. It started life as something else and I have cut it up to reuse it."

Materials: Brass/Sterling Silver

Measurements Approx. 

Length = 2.5cm 
Width = 2cm

Textured Recycled Earrings Br

Textured Recycled Earrings Br